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Discover Bea's Blissful Thermomix

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Everybody should know about Thermomix. It will improve your quality of life and that of ur planet!

How? it saves time, energy, effort and money and is a great way to protect your and your family's health. No more processed food on your table!

Eat good home made food everyday. The Thermomix will do the hard work and the stirring for you. You can relax and let it do its magic.

Cookidoo, its worldwide recipe website, is the perfect way to find new recipes. They will be easy to make, even recipes that you thought were just for chefs.

Pick a difficult recipe and follow the step by step instructions that will appear on the screen. It will do it all for you, set itself as a scale, as a cooker (with the right temperature for the step), as a blender, kneader, slow  cooker or rice cooker as needed! you just have to add the ingredients.

And that is not all, Thermomix has a 5* after sale customer support, including free Cooking classes and ongoing assistance to solve doubts or questions. I will be al the other end of a telephone call to help you out. 

Who else supports you in this way? once you walk out of the retailer, you are forgotten.

Let me share with you the joy of cooking with a Thermomix. It is fun, mind-blowing and absolutely free! 


Who is Bea?

An independent Thermomix Advisor

I discovered Thermomix as a child in Spain. Seeing how much it helped my family while I was growing up, it was only natural that I acquired one when I had to cook for my own family. 

I was so impressed that I became a Thermomix Independent Advisor to help others to improve their quality of life as I had done. My wish is today my job.

I have always cooked with natural ingredients from scratch. This requires an effort and is time consuming but it is the only way to have a freshly cooked meal without any processed ingredients. My family's health is in safe "hands"

A Thermomix minimises both time and effort as it will blissfuly do all the chopping, all the stirring and most of the cooking. Cooking becomes nearly hands free which means that I have time to relax or do whatever needs my attention. 

Thermomix is so easy and efficient that I call it my Personal Kitchen Assistant. It suggests or helps me to find new recipes, it keeps them in my weekly planner and even makes my shopping list. By simply sharing this list to my email, or whoever is in charge of the shopping, we are prepared and ready to enjoy more good food everyday. 

I love cooking and I am always ready to adventure into unknown cuisines, bake my own bread, do my own ice-creams and lots of other things thanks to the wealth of tested recipes in Cookidoo!

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it is so versatile, we had a demonstration, where Beatriz whipped up do much delicious food so effortlessly. absolutely ideal for time starved people cooking fresh, healthy food from scratch.

Gail Mckay


What can I say? It’s brilliant. I’ve so far made soup, cornbread, cookies, Cod with veg, baguettes (which we’re incredible) and seafood risotto. Mushroom and pearl barley tonight. I 💕 it. Worth every penny. Too scared to weigh myself. I’m going to have to signup for another marathon at this rate x

K. T.


"I wish everyone could see the financial and time savings which Thermomix gives you in a short medium and long term. After more than one year, I'm so proud to own it and using it every single day :-) and I will be forever grateful for the day you came here"

L. Masullo

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